Symposium venue

CEST 2020 will be held in Unicorn Hotel situated in the historic centre of Eger in north part of Hungary. Visitors are offered a variety of activities and attractions during the entire year.

 The hotel will be booked for all participants. It is not necessary to make reservation in the hotel individually.


  • Unicorn Hotel
  • Dr. Hibay Károly u. 2
  • 3300 Eger, Hungary

Travel distances

Approximate distances from selected cities
Belgrade 450 km Lublin 530 km
Bratislava 350 km Nitra 220 km
Brno 490 km Prague 690 km
Budapest 140 km Vienna 410 km
Debrecen 130 km Warsaw 630 km
Lodz 610 km Zagreb 500 km


Practical hints


Early September brings usually nice late summer weather. Temperatures of around 15 °C - 22 °C can be expected.


Arriving by plane:


Arriving by train:


Arriving by car:


Arriving by car:



The official currency is Hungarian Forint (Ft). Present average rate is 335 Ft for 1 EUR. Major credit cards are accepted in many shops, restaurants and hotels. You can buy Hungarian Forint at banks and other authorized money exchange offices.


Participants from most European countries and the USA can enter the Hungary without a visa. Other participants are advised to check the requirements at the closest Embassy or Consulate of the Hungary and to make their own arrangements. Detail information can be found on the website of the Consular services of Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Hungary. An official letter of invitation can be sent on request. It must be understood that such a letter can not grant any financial support.


The Organizing Committee will not accept any liability for personal injuries or loss or damage of property belonging to Symposium participants and accompanying persons. Kindly check your personal insurance as well as your travel insurance (important for any cancellation fees, very often a part of your credit card contract).


In the Hungary, the electricity supply is 230 V, 50 Hz.