Conference Programme

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13:00 - 14:45
13:00 - 14:15
14:45 - 15:15
KEYNOTE LECTURE (1 x 30 minutes)

Chairman: Igor Medveď

From Analog Timers to the Era of Machine Learning: The Case of the Transient Hot-Wire Technique

Yannis M. Assael, Konstantinos D. Antoniadis, and Marc J. Assael

Marc J. Assael
15:15 - 16:45
LECTURES (6 x 15 minutes)

Chairman: Oldřich Zmeškal

Specific Heats Measurements with the Hot Disk Thermal Constants Analyser

Dale Hume, Andrey Sizov, Besira M. Mihiretie, Daniel Cederkrantz, Silas E. Gustafsson, and Mattias K. Gustavsson

Mattias K. Gustavsson
Hot Tube Method fot the Measuring of Thermophysical Properties of Materials

Peter Dieška, Vlastimil Boháč, and Viliam Vretenár

Vlastimil Boháč
Contribution to the Stepwise and Pulse Transient Methods

Svetozár Malinarič and Peter Dieška

Svetozár Malinarič
Experimental Investigations of Thermophysical Properties of some Paraffin Waxes Industrially Manufactured in Poland

Piotr Zbińkowski, Janusz Zmywaczyk, and Piotr Koniorczyk

Piotr Zbińkowski
The Influence of Water and Salt Content on the Thermal Conductivity Coefficient of Red Clay Brick

Dalia Bednarska and Marcin Koniorczyk

Dalia Bednarska
Study of the Thermal Properties of Selected PCMs for Latent Heat Storage in Buildings

Kateřina Valentová, Kateřina Pecháčková, Radek Přikryl, Milan Ostrý, and Oldřich Zmeškal

Oldřich Zmeškal
16:45 - 17:00
COFFEE BREAK (15 minutes)
17:00 - 17:30
INVITED LECTURE (1 x 30 minutes)

Chairman: Bojan Štrumberger

The Production and Use of Hydrogen in the Future
Jurij Avsec
17:30 - 19:00
LECTURES (6 x 15 minutes)

Chairman: Bojan Štrumberger

The Classification of Explosion-proof Protected Induction Motor into Adequate Temperature and Efficiency Class

Iztok Brinovar, Gregor Srpčič, Sebastijan Seme, Bojan Štumberger, and Miralem Hadžiselimović

Iztok Brinovar
The Effect of Welding Thermal Cycles on the Microstructure Development of Energy Components
Zdravko Praunseis
Process of Optimization of Distract Heat Production by Utilizing Waste Energy From Metallurgical Processes

Damjan Konovšek, Miran Fužir, Matic Slatinek, Tanja Šepul, Kristijan Plesnik, and Samo Lečnik

Matic Slatinek
An Overview of World History of Underground Coal Gasification

Damjan Konovšek, Jakob Nadvežnik, and Milan Medved

Jakob Nadvežnik
Determination of the NPP Krško Spent Fuel Decay Heat

Marjan Kromar and Bojan Kurinčič

Bojan Kurinčič
Electricity and Heat Production by Biomass Cogeneration

Simon Marčič and Milan Marčič

Milan Marčič
9:00 - 9:30
INVITED LECTURE (1 x 30 minutes)

Chairman: Jurij Avsec

Thermophysical Investigations of Nanotechnological Insulation Materials
Ákos Lakatos
9:30 - 10:45
LECTURES (5 x 15 minutes)

Chairman: Jurij Avsec

Optimization of Design Parameters of Low-energy Buildings

Jiří Vala and Petra Jarošová

Jiří Vala
On (Non)Elementary Singularities in Liénard Systems
Brigita Ferčec
Energy Comparison between Solar Thermal Power Plant and Photovoltaic Power Plant

Urška Novosel and Jurij Avsec

Urška Novosel
Monitoring of the Solar Power Plants and Performance Ratio

Klemen Sredenšek, Jan Šlamberger, Bojan Štumberger, Miralem Hadžiselimović, and Sebastijan Seme

Sebastijan Seme
Design Reference Year for Development of Photovoltaic Envelope Systems

Peter Mihalka and Peter Matiašovský

Peter Mihalka
10:45 - 11:00
COFFEE BREAK (15 minutes)
11:00 - 11:30
INVITED LECTURE (1 x 30 minutes)

Chairman: Zbyšek Pavlík

Classification of Building Mold Threat Using Electronic Nose

Grzegorz Łagód, Zbigniew Suchorab, Łukasz Guz, and Henryk Sobczuk

Grzegorz Łagód
11:30 - 13:00
LECTURES (6 x 15 minutes)

Chairman: Zbyšek Pavlík

Effect of Particular Material Parameters on Wetting Process of Capillary-porous Material

Oľga Koronthályová and Matúš Holúbek

Oľga Koronthályová
Hydration of Calcium Aluminate Cement Determined by Thermal Analysis

Lenka Scheinherrová and Anton Trník

Lenka Scheinherrová
The Application of the Statistical Classifying Models for Signal Evaluation of the Gas Sensors Analyzing Mold Contamination of the Building Materials

Dariusz Majerek, Łukasz Guz, Zbigniew Suchorab, Grzegorz Łagód, and Henryk Sobczuk

Dariusz Majerek
Is the Preception of Clean, Humid Air Indeed Affected by Cooling the Respiratory Tract

Rudolf Burek, Bernard Polednik, and Łukasz Guz

Bernard Polednik
Influence of Aggregate Type and Chemical Admixtures on Frost Resistance of Lightweight Mortars

Beata Klimek, Marcin K. Widomski, and Danuta Barnat-Hunek

Marcin K. Widomski
Comparison of Interpretation Methods of Thermocouple Psychometer Readouts

Łukasz Guz, Dariusz Majerek, Henryk Sobczuk, Ewa Guz, and Bernard Połednik

Łukasz Guz
9:00 - 9:30
INVITED LECTURE (1 x 30 minutes)

Chairman: Vlastimil Boháč

Thermal Properties of Graphite Oxide, Thremally Reduced Graphene and Chemically Reduced Graphene

Ondřej Jankovský, David Sedmidubský, Michal Lojka, and Zdeněk Sofer

Ondřej Jankovský
9:30 - 11:00
LECTURES (6 x 15 minutes)

Chairman: Vlastimil Boháč

Properties of Cement Based Composites Modified Using Diatomaceous Earth

Jaroslav Pokorný, Milena Pavlíková, Martina Záleská, and Zbyšek Pavlík

Jaroslav Pokorný
The Influence of Partial Replacement of Hemp Shives by Expanded Perlite on Physical Properties of Hemp-lime Composite

Przemysław Brzyski and Marcin Widomski

Marcin Widomski
Estimation of Water Absorption Coefficient Using the TDR Method

Zbigniew Suchorab, Dariusz Majerek, Przemysław Brzyski, Henryk Sobczuk, and Andrzej Raczkowski

Zbigniew Suchorab
Physical and Thermal Behavior of Cement Composites Reinforced with Recycled Waste Paper Fibers

Viola Hospodarova, Nadezda Stevulova, Vojtech Vaclavik, and Tomas Dvorsky

Viola Hospodarova
Investigation of Thermo-physical Properties of Thermal Insulation Coating

Michal Kopčok, Jozefa Lukovičová, Jozef Kačur, and Gabriela Pavlendová

Michal Kopčok
Thermophysical Properties of Cement Based Composites and Their Changes after Artificial Ageing

Peter Šín, Gabriela Pavlendová, Jozefa Lukovičová, and Michal Kopčok

Peter Šín
11:00 - 11:15
COFFEE BREAK (15 minutes)
11:15 - 12:30
LECTURES (5 x 15 minutes)

Chairman: Jiří Vala

Thermal Properties of Alkali-activated Alluminosilicates

Pavel Florian, Kateřina Valentová, Lukáš Fiala, and Oldřich Zmeškal

Pavel Florian
Influence of Compression Pressure on Young's Modulus of Ceramic Samples

Omar Al-Shantir and Anton Trník

Omar Al-Shantir
Thermal Expansion of Ceramic Samples Containing Natural Zeolite

Ivana Sunitrová and Anton Trník

Ivana Sunitrová
Non-isothermal Kinetic Analysis of Processes Occuring During Thermal Treatment of Kaolinite

Tomáš Ondro and Anton Trník

Tomáš Ondro
AC Conductivity of an Illitic Clay with Zeolite Addition after Firing at Different Temperatures

Štefan Csáki, Viera Trnovcová, Igor Štubňa, Ján Ondruška, Ivana Sunitrová, Libor Vozár, and Patrik Dobroň

Štefan Csáki